welcome home. I hope you find something worth looking into on my corner of the web.

obviously, this is my website. either you are from my old website or maybe you have just discovered this one. either way, this is my wonderful hellhole!

i talk about what's going on in my life and other random things. whatever you like or find, I welcome you to stay to enjoy the shitshow, my internet dwellers! thanks for stopping by!

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wanna ask me questions? go to http://qooh.me/EMPTYGOD or you can go to https://curiouscat.live/emptygod (lost my login info to curious cat at the moment, but qooh.me is still an option)

if you'd also like, I have a discord: egod11 (i dont check my discord often, so i apologize for missed friend requests and late replies. i also only reply to respectful messages, thanks!)

listography: https://listography.com/emptygod