⸸ - about me! - ⸸

⸸ "emptygod" definition: a god with null power, the god of void. the god that is the most powerful, and who has no power at all. I am cursed with this status.. ⸸

⸸ egod/emptygod/cas, whatever you wanna call me ⸸

⸸ he/him, they/them, or motherfucker ⸸

⸸ anarcho-pacifist, anti-natalist, misanthrope, misogamist ⸸

⸸ sometimes it's best not to know things. ⸸

⸸ this is a safe place for the lost, the abandoned, and those who are looked down upon for being themselves. ⸸

⸸ this is going to be changed and updated later, thank you for coming by. ⸸

⸸ for my own good, i dont interact with fascists, trump supporters, transphobic/homophobic people, certain people from my past.. etc (not exactly a "DNI" section, just my own personal preference when it comes to people i encounter!) ⸸

⸸ this site is like the heart of my being, i tell you all my secrets and i expect them to be safe. be gentle, because things are easily breakable. ⸸

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