⸸ - about me! - ⸸

- "emptygod" definition: the god of void, nothingness. the only soul cursed with this status is the soul you're reading about right now. -

- hi, welcome to my about my page -

- my name is Cas, but you can also call me egod -

- my birthday is December 8th -

- I am 15 -

- favorite drinks: water, cola, mountain dew, root beer, sprite, monster energy drinks -

- favorite foods: ill eat anything. I love chocolate, meat, and fruit the most tho. -

- some of my interests are true crime, art and animation, poetry/writing in general and anything spiritual related -

- favorite movies: the craft (1996 original), zero day -

- some favorite aesthetics are scenecore, nostalgiacore, weirdcore, horrorcore, gorecore, demoncore, chaoscore and traumacore -

- favorite colors: any shade of blue, any shade of green, any shade of purple, any shade of red (though I love blood red), and baby pink -

- pronouns are he/him and they/them. motherfucker is always acceptable -

- favorite animals are wolves, big cats (and house cats, any kind of cat), marine life and birds (but I find all animals beautiful/unique in one way or another) -

- my favorite flowers are lilies, roses, corn flowers, dasies, and rocky mountain columbines. -

- location: HELL -

- this is going to be changed and updated later, thank you for coming by. -

- please do not interact if you are a trump supporter, if you are homophobic, transphobic, or generally rude to me. as a result, I may not be kind back to you, and I really don't want to have that happen. -

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