⸸ - about me! - ⸸

- "emptygod" definition: the god of void, nothingness. one who has power but the power is meaningless and useless at the same time. the only soul cursed with this status is the soul you're reading about right now. -

- egod/emptygod/cas, whatever you wanna call me -

- he/him, they/them, or motherfucker -

- sometimes it's best not to know things. -

- this is going to be changed and updated later, thank you for coming by. -

- I'm not fond of trump supporters, homophobes/transphobes or people who are ableist. I support the idea of equality and that everyone should be treated as such. everyone deserves human rights. and if you're generally rude to me, I wont further talk to you and I don't want to have to deal with whatever nonsense is brought up to my face. -

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