my journal (and my site overall) may contain dark themes like lowkey violent topics, mentions of self harm, intrusive thoughts, and other topics that may not be suitable for everyone.

I am not here to trigger anyone, but if you are triggered by these things, please step away. I don't want to hurt you, that is not my purpose being alive on this earth.

the purpose of this site is an attempt to digitally reflect my mind, my being, and my existence.

I also may use violent/other dark themes mixed in with my abstractedness to portray certain emotions, or what I want to show when I do not know how.

I use abstract themes to express how I feel because I find it hard to express them anyway else. I will not hurt anyone, I cannot do it and could never go through with hurting people.

this site is (partially) supposed to be about how YOU, the reader, interprets my words! everyone will have different meanings. it's not all about one thing, it's a mix of things.

these are my rules. respect them and acknowledge them. thanks!

take me back (journal link)

take me back (poetry link)