this is a twist on my things I hate page, I saw a few pages like this so I thought I'd give it a shot!

my friends, either in person or long distance. I love them.

my 2 cats and my bird. :)

drawing and doing art related stuff.

chocolate. always fucking loved it, always will.

LGBTQ+ supportive people. cause the world needs more of it.

music. I love music, always have and always will. specifically thinking about the music I listen to though.

animation. yeah this goes into the art form thing I brought up earlier but I wanted it to have its own separate part.

nature. call me a nerd but I love plants, there is a certain calming vibe to them that I am attracted to.

sleeping in, boy do I love sleeping. I consider it a sport for me at this point.

the days in the 90s where the internet was still young and fresh, and websites looked so much different than today. I'm not a 90s kid, but I love the 90s/2000s sort of style with technology and music.

not being interrupted so my thoughts can actually run their course without me forgetting about them.

going home after an exhausting day.

calling/texting my friends.

winged characters/creatures, I think flight with wings is cool and for some reason I've been attached to winged characters/creatures all my life.

the common kestrel is a beautiful bird. I also love ravens/crows, and most birds in general.

reading about true crime.

skipping class. yeah, it's not a good habit, but it's fun sometimes in the right circumstances!

call me lazy but I really enjoy not doing anything, having my mood be neutral or good and it's like a breath of fresh air.

i like people who use their brain and live by their own morals instead of letting some book deciding how they should live. this is your life to live, live it. do whatever with yourself, just be unique with how you do it.

reading about witchcraft and learning about it is cool. learning general spiritual stuff is neat to me.

i like people who are patient and understanding with one another.