myself. I hate myself. I hate myself because there were things I could've fixed and prevented but I can't go back. nobody can.

people who hurt me, people who hurt others I love. does this need to be explained?

transphobic and homophobic people. we are living our lives, we are not doing anything to you. but anything that people do not understand will be feared and then fear will spawn hate. and then.. you get the point.

sudden loud noises. at least leave a fucking warning! my god.

my past. oh boy. I hate so much about it.

people who talk over me. let me explain myself. it disrupts my train of thought and then I am left with a blank mind, and I can't remember shit.

school. fucking SCHOOL. it has mentally destroyed me in so many ways. holy shit.

sometimes I hate my art. not all the time. just sometimes.

cringe culture. cringe culture is dead, please stop saying a little kids art on the internet is cringe to them because they don't know how to draw. it doesnt encourage or help anyone.

rude people. why is this world full of so many assholes? I'm either rude to you because you were rude to me or I am in a bad mood. I'm not generally an asshole unless you piss me off, or something is going on.

having my thoughts disrupted. because if they are disrupted, I usually can't go back to what I was doing or it takes me so much mental energy that I give up.

having an awful memory. I can't remember shit. it is awful. not a 10/10 experience.

my legal/deadname. it's beautiful, but just not for me.


people who abuse animals/other humans. there are just sick people out there. it hurts my heart.

not being able to give the world what it deserves, true eternal peace. because this world is a shitty place and I wish it was safe for us and our future children.

having to write happy things. I'm not good at it. not a lot of good has come in my life, and if it does it passes easily. nothing stays forever.

breakups. they have destroyed me to the point of where I know love isn't worth it anymore, at least romantic love, and it's super ironic because of my ROMANTIC orientation.

not being able to sleep. it fucking sucks. I'm always tired.

not knowing if this world is real. it messes with my brain.

being reminded of people that I want to forget about. just let me forget about them already, there's a reason to why I wanna forget.

my life, for the most part. life is an unforgiving hell. why?

being stuck in the past. it feels like being on the "up" escalator when trying to walk down it. you're stuck. and you can only go one way..

people hating for no good reason. why cant you respect others for who they are, for what their soul contains, instead of looking on the outside and judging them for how they look or what they like? the soul is the most important part, not the little details. judge them for their soul and heart.

jumpscares. call me a pussy but I don't like them. I like a good horror page or movie, but I'm a person who is easily startled. :/

polyamory. it doesn't make sense. I've tried it, I hate it. (not people who are. I could care less what you do. I'm saying if I was ever in something like that again it would frustrate me.)

when people don't speak up when talking to me. I can hear fine, but unless you're right up close to my face whispering, I'm going to pass it off as an auditory hallucination, usually ending up with me ignoring you but not out of disrespect.

the whole left wing right wing bullcrap in politics. we should work together instead of against each other.

listening to my grandparents argue over politics. it's tiring.

i hate people who are ignorant. please use your brain.. it's there for a reason. but i guess when the time comes we all realize how this world is, dont we?