with all there is bad, there is good

at least, I hope there is. god, don't you remember what it feels like?

I'm not sure anymore.

sometimes, aren't we all supposed to have reminders of what we used to have?

sometimes, all you wanna do is grab it, right?

so... why can't we have it?

I'm starting to think, maybe, this life isn't so bad anymore, and maybe I should stick around.

there's a lot of uncertainty with death, but also a lot of it in life as well.

I'm not sure what I want.

it's funny how even after the war inside of me died down a bit, I still feel the pull.

I feel that the logical (or light) side of myself has won. at last, there is peace and harmony.

there is a desperate urge to plunge myself into the darkness again, the darkness I cannot understand.

it fueled me, it gave me something.

oh, the pulls of uncertainty. you strange thing.

the everlasting contrast can't be destroyed.