the following list are the names that I will use or have been using for different people in my life. I use fake names for privacy.
also not everyone in my life has a fake name yet! this list is definitely a WIP and will continue to be updated.


blu is a friend i made in the beginning of my freshman year of high school. we dated near the end of 2020 and were together until late august of 2021. our breakup has had a lot of strong emotions on my end still after all this time, but we continue to be close friends and usually text/talk every day.


I met ashley around the same time I met blu. we dated around the end of 2019 and broke up around early 2020. we were good friends for a short period of time, but inconsistent communication has made it difficult despite us both wanting to reconnect.


I met raven online sometime in the middle of 2020 and connected through similar music tastes at first. we figured out we were very similar, and connected so deeply and quickly that she has become my mother figure (even if we have never met in person, she has been more of a mom to me than my biological mom and is kind of the only sense of a mother I have ever had).


im gonna be for real i have no idea how me and ember met and she has no idea either LMAO but we both agree that we probably met in our elementary school years. she has been my friend that has stuck around the longest and she is one of my best friends and has been for a long time.


zee was the friend that i enjoyed a little bit more than a friend lmaoo. besides that our first interaction was sometime in 2021 near the beginning of our junior year and started to become true friends around late march/mid to late april of 2022. they're an irl friend.


jinx is friends with zee and is friends with me. we're all together in this little circle. ive known about her since late elementary school and a little bit throughout middle school but we became real friends in our junior year of high school. she's an irl friend.