[ all quotes are mine, usually from my journal or a random thought I had. enjoy my wisdom. ]

"I think we're all suicidal maniacs looking for the right time to get high."

"we're all stuck in this world for something. to live, to die. to say hello, to say goodbye, and yet there was that look in her eye that made me wanna cry. she truly made me feel like I could fly."

"is anyone ever really original in this world?"

"why do we follow each other if we want to be different?"

"strange is ok. dangerous is not."

"I don't think anyone is sane anymore."

"the human race is just a bunch of zombies put together on a little planet floating in a void. why waste our energy when we can have fun, as zombies?"

"mental stability is a myth. no one truly knows what it's like."

"love is fake."

"what are we doing here on this planet earth? why do we exist, why are we out here?"

"love is powerful, confusing, and beautiful, but if it's in the wrong hands it's fucking deadly as the devil himself."

"life is so beautiful and delicate and it's such a shame we cannot stay in the moment with it sometimes."

"love is just an endless cycle of untrusting others and hurt in the end"

"there is no room in my heart and soul for pure hatred and wrath. I may get angry, upset, sad, impatient and have all other negative emotions like everyone else, but that is because we all run off of human minds with all the same emotion."

"let it be, let go and forgive."

"are they even intrusive thoughts if it's a reflection of real life?"

"I can't think no more, but it's no surprise."

"the worst way to die is to be alive."

"toxic tight knit community, we all follow each other, we understand and rot in our pain."

"love is beautifully painful. what else could it be? love is pain disguised as a blessing, only waiting to attack you, only waiting to destroy you."

"it's funny, this world. it's beautifully dark."

"I don't know what I feel."

"what is life?"

"I wanna see the good in this life again, will you be the one this time?"

"I wanna see the light through your eyes."

"I want happiness to last eternally"

"I wanna see you one last time before we say goodbye, take me to your dream world and call me yours."


"we saved each other, how could I not love you?"

"why am I in a state of misery yet I am in complete heaven?"

"kinda funny how we all follow each other and shit like we're one big extended virtual family"

"if you want to find true happiness, peace and balance, find it within acceptance."

"honestly in a state between pure heaven and hell. which side am I going to?"

"im in heaven and hell and i want you to pull me back into your arms where I belong, please tell me it's gonna be okay under the stars in the back seat of your car. fly me away to your heart. sing me your songs. tell me it's going to be okay because I don't know where I lay anymore."

"eternally bored"

"how do you get rid of destiny?"

"I don't feel like waking up. but I have to, and I don't want to, but it is the cycle of life."

"intrusive thoughts! get out of my fucking head!"

"underneath this all, this kind and gentle nature, is a burning wrath and desire to burn the world around me and those who dare oppose me"

"I may not be god yet, but at least I wont be alone"

"life is just one big fucking story, a puzzle, and it's different for everyone. it varies from how you deal with it to person to person. not everyone gets a grasp on it."

"the human race is not good, it's gonna burn under the universe one day. not everyone is bad but the human race is."

"my favorite word is wrath, because it's all I've known."

"I wonder if one day we'll be together with the people we're meant to be with."

"I like how on the internet you could be anyone, and no one would ever suspect it's you."

"I wanna be lost in your eternity"


"a sad and corrupt destiny eats away at reality"

"i'll be the raging fire in your heads and once I die out you'll ask why."

"I am every where on the internet, with different names and you wouldn't even suspect it was me. link back to the way I act. it's an enigma, and that is my only desire."

"there is a certain line where you give mercy and to those where you cannot"

"and the fire going out ill be."

"underworld addict"


"I know you expected so much out of me, too little time to tell what it will become."

"I'm not what used to be."

"how beautiful the stars would look with you next to me."

"this world is full of cruelty. don't take part in it. don't take part in seeing the worst in others. cause it isnt how it always seems."

"I don't believe in order."

"don't fuck with god."

"we dont have problems, we have reality."

"I swear, I feel like once I've found myself I ask for help and reassurance that this is who I am, then I've embarrassed myself in front of so many for being wrong when I thought it felt right."

"I know I'm bad, but I'm nothing like you."

"it's a beautiful hardship to learn."

"fire in your eyes, destruction by my side."

"how could I love again with all this hate, but how could I hate again with all this love?"

"I hate what I've become, I'm afraid of what I'm becoming."

"the best times for me always have a dark twist"

"people are insane enough for the leader they worship and see as a god."

"whatever you see me as, I am, and will be."

"it's not that I want to die, it's that I don't know how long I can be without you and these crippling weights still existing."

"it's weird, this life i live."

"I started thinking about how my mom used to tell me that I was the only good thing she's ever done. no, I'm the worst possible thing you could've done, out of everything you've done. I'm the biggest mistake you've made."

"medicine is false happiness."

"people are quick to demonize the bad."

"im in so much pain, but i guess it's reality working its way through me again."

"you have no humanity to waste if you aren't human."

"I'm like a book or archive of information that's been destroyed over the course of hundreds of years. I still hold information, but maybe it's not what you once thought, or maybe the most important parts written in ink have been faded away."

"freedom exists here. let go of false realities."

"the snow is so pretty, but problematic. I feel like that's how people think of me as well."

"the human mind was a mistake."

"oh well, even the best of people go to shit."

"I wanna die, but there's too much to live for, so I can't."

"I feel sick of everything, but that's life, and that's normal!"

"no one disappears, we are recycled."

"I don't want to live by your rules, I want to live by the ones I've created."

"I want someone to tear me apart with their passion."

"this love hurts so bad but feels so good."

"I wish I could rewrite the past 4 years of my life."

"good to know that all I need to do to get attention is to betray the world."

"I wont conform to what you want me to. my life, my control. simple as that."

"your true age is found in the age of your soul, not your physical body."

"I know nothing lasts forever. so why is it that I wanna be your forever?"

"sometimes it's best not to know things."

"why is everything so beautiful, yet so sad?"

"how does life go on?"

"even through violence, life goes on. still and silently. it's a painful reminder that the world never stops for anything or anyone, even through anguish."

"I dream of you all the time but you're never actually in my physical reach, it's a nasty reminder of how long an eternity is."

"a ghost of something within. something that I can truly never reach."

"you only regret things when it's too late."

"I don't wanna become the stars you see at night, I wanna be with you to see them."

"I don't expect people to write poems about me because I write my own."

"curiosity is hard to control."

"I'm not exactly human, but I'm close enough!"

"even in the most unsuspected places, there's art there. it's not just a paintbrush to a canvas or a pencil to paper."

"why time is going by so fast, I couldn't tell you."

"if someone murders me, the universe goes to shit because they just killed a god."

"my thoughts are very strange but i think there's good that comes out of them every now and then."

"I like to think that I was not only born from the star dust, but also the moon dust."

"it's true that once you're dead, you start becoming alive to the outside world. you are dead and alive. you are infamous."

"my purpose here is to restore peace, to rebalance. to give life to the lost and to heal the hurt. you are free in my arms, you are free when you contact my soul."

"you are loved here, you are free. you don't have to be afraid anymore."

"I am defined by what is on the inside, the true depths of my soul. my outer, weak, petty human shell is nothing compared to the inner workings of my complex aura. do not define me by what you see on the little outside cover."

"I am so much more than what anyone says or thinks."

"you're everywhere. in my dreams, in my head, in the little things that make no sense. in the moon and the stars above, you linger. the whispering of the trees carry you and your songs. forever entwined with me, your one and only, I hoped that you would find me."

"humans have created man made illnesses"

"in my eyes you are the literal embodiment of love and light, how could you not be beautiful?"

"if you take everything on my site too seriously, you're not getting the point of it. but if you see it as lose abstract words, you're not seeing it to its full potential."

"(me in my thoughts looking at the puffed up dandelions today outside at school): you could make a lot of wishes with those, maybe only half of them would come true but I wonder what kinds of things I could wish for. I wonder what would come true."

"even though I cant redo what's been done, I can start again."

"welcome home, old friend. I hope you find comfort here, something to cling onto and something to look forward to.."

"I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm doing it."

"there was a me and you once until there wasn't."

"I kind of dont want you in my head, but I love our memories too much to ever think that."

"I wish I had a life to waste, but it's not this one."

"thank god it's over, I am pure again."

"you truly were, or are, my mirror. my reflection. even after all this time."

"I want to destroy myself to destroy you."

"i do not have an easy grasp on myself. my thoughts have grown extremely abstract and it is hard to understand things around me."

"i dont know why i am a simple person on the outside but a complex person on the inside"

"i wish i had answers to these questions i feel like no one will ever solve"

"why is it that you don't know your way back home?"

"I will never be good as long as you exist."

"everything is ending so quickly, and new chapters are beginning. chapters i want to put off, even though it is inevitable."

"i dont know if i am living or existing. i feel like everything around me is growing stranger slowly. a less and less familiar world being formed around me, even though there are things i can still recognize."

"love is unexplainable in the most beautiful and hurtful way there is."

"maybe one day i can be safe with you and at peace for eternity."

"I may not believe in god but I see him in your eyes."

"sad over someone i lost, and yet I never lost them."

"we all leave a mark on the world through anything you could possibly imagine, this website is mine."

"i dread my final years and consider them my last."

"you're my heaven through this hell."

"that's the beauty of love, you don't need to understand how someone else loves someone. their language is theirs for only them to understand together."

"i want to have a place in this world but it's not meant to be."

"5 years stuck trapped deep in mental illnesses and it only gets worse!"

"it's easier to respect someone than to waste energy going against them"

"occasionally i will make a statement, say something, do something that can touch someone or make them think, but in the end, my existence is purely.. not what i want it to be sometimes."

"always in my dreams, but you're hard to catch."

"what and where is home, why is it so far away?"

"ive waited decades for you to come into my life."

"despite the pain, everything has fallen silent."

"I love you even though I am not meant to anymore."

"you're my long lost raven that i set free. you're my other half that split away. i still call your name every day in the hopes that you will come see me, that you will come rescue me. but i know there is no way i could replace you or our memories. there's nothing that can be done to rewrite our past."

"ive seen the most beautiful heavens and the worst hells, i can conquer anything and i wont let my anguish bring me down."

"arent we born to be set free?"

"you took my sunshine and replaced it with hollow shadows that echo thoughts of the past."

"breaking free of everything and everyone that do not deserve me."

"you were my bad dream i couldn't wake up from."

"i keep wondering what is at the edge of tomorrow and what the universe has to show me. i refuse to die until i know."

"always waiting for my story to be told to open eyes but never to forceful hearts. don't trust them."

"the void has not stopped to rest. it never does. it only grows with time. it grows more as we are apart. the pain does not stop to rest, for it only eats me alive, that is its only purpose. so cruel. it is the worst evil."

"it doesnt matter how much i sleep or how much i am away from being awake in this reality. i am trapped endlessly."

"until the stars reach us again, i will never be whole."

"you made me feel pure, like love was a good thing, you made me feel ethereal and like god existed."

"i bring no harm as i walk on my path, it will be wise of you if you do the same thing."

"no one will be let in, no one will be let out. this is how it should be. but people still find their way in. and in the end, they always leave me with pain worse than the last."

"people kill what they dont understand."

"this is the cost of being alive, isn't it?"

"heres to a new era, a new time. here's to cleaning up what i thought was my reflection, and maybe this year will turn out better as i become something more."

"it's the most unnoticeable things that seem to have value only when a certain amount of time has passed."

"when I have finally crossed over, all of the walls come down. no facades are left, no bullet proof glass to protect my fragile self. i have everything and nothing to fear."

"some things come into our life as lessons, which are not necessarily things to keep in the end."

"i believe that anyone who will find me somewhere out here, will. instead of coming out and telling the world, those worthy of crossing paths with me in any sort of way will end up doing so. you never know what will break in the hands of the wrong kinds of people."

"i will sit here and wait for you to return. no matter how long it takes, whether it be another long 8 months, 8 years or countless centuries, i will sit here and wait for you to return."

"i miss the part of me that disappeared with you when you were suddenly gone."

"whatever gods you pray to would not have mercy upon us as we have not shown this planet mercy."

"we are the damage, not the damaged."

"it's ironic how so much life could cause so much death."

"kind of like an intense alcohol that some people never get used to, some people never get used to me."

"life isn't worth much if you're a fake person."

"the further i live, the further i dissolve. i am nothing at its rawest form."