links to cool places on the web

links to cool places and sites I like. I hope you find something interesting!

the anarchist library - a library for anarchists. everything you need to know. the anarchist library

custom spotify plaques - custom spotify plaques, keychains, etc

the first website - the first website, if you're into that kind of thing

HTML color codes - HTML color codes for your HTML color needs

glitter text - glitter text stuff

this person does not exist - a website that generates people that do not exist

glow products - all sorts of glowy stuff

the frog store - a store that's all frog stuff

word art maker - this really neat word art maker

noclip website - noclip and explore your favorite games

HTML help - this website has helped me a lot, maybe it will help you too

this cat does not exist - similar to this person does not exist but with cats

spiders on drugs - a funny video

windows 93 in your browser - a cool windows 93 virtual browser full of little fun things

VHEMT (Voluntary Human Extinction Movement) - a site that promotes human extinction through the stop of reproduction

art celebrities at home - mr louis wain (1921) - a video of louis wain, an artist who painted cats -, the website of the animusic animation series

how club penguin music was composed on an answering machine - a video about how club penguin's music was composed - enter a prompt into the website, and it will give you an essay - you can watch pixels fight here - a strange collection of websites to visit

flatland film (2007) - a movie that has stuck with me for a few years