the guidebook (rules/FAQ of the site)

oh wow emptygod makes a rule/FAQ page?! what for??

this is basically the FAQ that no one asked for.. and im bored and i need to make a new page addressing some things that are important to me

this is different from my disclaimer page before anyone asks. anyways, lets get into the real stuff!

can I rip the code directly from your site?

it has happened before. if you want to use the layout I use, go for it. just don't claim any original gifs/artwork as your own and use them on your site without credit. asking before using my layout for a new site would be nice too. however, I highly encourage and recommend you to be unique and creative! if you feel the need to move on from using my terribly built HTML layouts to branch out and become your own person, please do so!

can I take inspiration from your site? (aesthetic, gifs, any original work like art or poetry, etc)

same deal as the first question above. I'm fine with people taking inspiration as long as credit is shown somewhere.

can I directly take your poetry, quotes and other art, and put them onto my site or onto my social media?

if you want to do this, please ask first. I'll probably have no problem with it unless you claim my work to be your own.

can we be friends?

depends on who you are! I usually don't mind interacting with mutuals/neighbors or people who like my site. I'm quiet though and I mostly keep to myself, so making new friends is hard. if you're nice enough, we may end up becoming friends!

I don't like your views, beliefs, and you in general. can you delete something or censor yourself?

if you have a problem with me or my site, there is always the option to ignore me and not pay attention to what I have to say. this is my corner of the web, not yours!

I have a question for you that isn't listed on this page, or cannot be answered through any of your other pages. can I contact you directly?

sure! you can send me questions through my guestbook, qoohme, curious cat, through my email or my discord! if you have a neocities account, you can post a comment directly on my page if you want to.

I want you to draw me something or write something for me. will you do that?

I will only do this if we're close friends, or if I'm feeling brave enough to share my artwork/have motivation on my own time. sorry.

where do you get the gifs for your site?

usually! I wish I could remember the site where I made my blinking logo.

what inspired you to start making websites?

if you know the story of the sickgirl site, that's where I got my inspiration and introduction to neocities in may of 2020. this isn't my first site, and it sure is not my only one!

where did you come up with the name "emptygod"?

I think I came up with it around august of 2020 after sketching something in one of my sketchbooks. at the top of the page, it read "EMPTYGOD". if you want to know what the name means, you can head over to my about me page!

I want to know what the "emptygod" picture looks like. will you ever show it?

I plan to keep it private until I feel brave enough or dont care about keeping my identity safe. it features a character I have that may reveal too much about myself.

I want to mail you physical items, can I do that?

sorry, but unless I know you extremely well/know you in real life, physical pieces of fanmail is not an option right now! (but it would be cool).

would you be willing to teach me how to build a website?

my skills and understanding of HTML are not the greatest, sorry about that. if you want to learn, check out what neocities has to offer for tutorials or try searching something on google.

are you a part of the TCC (true crime community)?

true crime is kind of an off and on interest for me, and I kind of come in and out of online spaces like the TCC. I wouldn't exactly say I am, but I wouldn't say I'm not exactly not in it either..?

would you consider doing interviews, either through text or video call?

I haven't had the chance to think about this. maaaaybeee if we only texted.. that's a really fat maybe though. as for video calls, my face and voice are a secret for now!

I want to make you fanart, can I do that?

yes! any forms of art are welcome! buuuut keep it pg-13. no hate speech, NSFW, all that kind of stuff. if you have fanart in mind and you're unsure whether or not it's appropriate, tell me your idea first ^^

why do you delete certain pages or wipe your journal entries from time to time?

simply because I change as a person and sometimes old pages or entries don't match up to who I am now. sometimes I look back on certain things on my site and I feel embarrassed and don't want people looking at it anymore. (P.S if you're one of these people like me, ALWAYS download a copy of your site before you make any big changes like complete page wipes and date the folder the site contents come in!)

why are you so vague when describing people/make fake names for people?

to keep identities private since these are real people. if im not describing someone by a fake name, it's probably because i havent made up one for them yet. (also it kind of goes with the whole theme of "interpret my site how you want it")

who are blu and ashley?

this list will probably get longer as I find fake/protective names for the people around me, so this part will be updated.. if I get to it. anyways, blu is a very close friend of mine who I met in my freshman year of high school. we dated for a good chunk of the middle/end of 2020 and up until the end of august of 2021. our breakup has had some long lasting pain on my end, however we continue to be good friends. I met ashley in my freshman year also, and dated around the ending of 2019 and broke up just a month or two into 2020. we've had a rocky friendship and communication between us is extremely inconsistent mainly because she doesn't get back to people quickly and hasn't reached out to me online despite me trying to get a hold of her. we want to be friends but for some reason it's been difficult to communicate (it always has been).

is your site inspired by sol pais?

it's funny that this question pops up here and there since the creation of this site. no, my website isn't inspired by sol's website or what she had to say. this site took inspiration from other similar red/black themed sites, sites relating to the TCC, and probably other things too like websites from the 90s/2000s and other stuff I can't remember right now.

are you looking for a bf/gf/partner etc?

i appreciate your honesty, but no thanks!