what is energy?

last updated 7/23/23

energy, vibrations, auras, souls, they're all very similar to each other. however, energy is the base of everything living, and it's the base that makes up any kind of vibration, aura or soul. it's a basic building block of life and all things physical (as well as spiritual, it doesn't just apply to the physical realm or the living). everything has energy, even non-living things. when you touch something, you're leaving your energy signatures behind on it. an energy signature is like a spiritual fingerprint. everyone has one, and it is all unique to each person. depending if you have an intention to leave energy behind on objects or apply some kind of intensity of your energy to an object, these energy signatures can stick around. though, in my experience, the more that someone is in contact with an object, the more that the object will absorb and hold the person's energy. if left long enough on its own, energy can and will fade over time. have you ever noticed that you may get a bad feeling from someone or something? most people call this your gut instinct, intuition, etc. in these cases, you definitely are picking up on energy from an outside source. I advise you to listen to your intuition and trust what you feel is right or wrong. in this life, there may be some good out there, but there is a lot of bad, and your intuition is only there to help you. it may not always be right, or it may lead you into an unexpected area or chapter of your life, but it's important to rely on it when possible or if you notice anything that may seem unique or out of the ordinary to you.

think of energy as electricity. in a modern society, we need electricity to survive. we need energy to survive, too. like i previously mentioned, energy is one of the basic building blocks of life. it's like taking away the oceans and water supplies if there was no energy. it would be impossible for life to thrive. some people like me also rely on energy and feeling it to get through their lives and experience life with a clearer understanding than most other people who aren't as in tune with the energies around them.

what are vibrations, auras and souls?

this is a bit hard for me to define as they are all kind of similar. but basically, i would consider vibrations to be the intensity of energy. auras are kind of like an energy signature, except it's related to a person's soul. it's like a projection or window of a person's soul, usually found as an outline around a person's body. auras come in different colors and textures, and the color and texture of your aura completely depends on who you are and it also depends on your emotions as well. if you're extra bright and bubbly, chances are your aura is going to reflect that and it will make you look like you have a bright glowing outline shimmering around you. if you're simply content and at a good state of mind, your aura will be at its strongest and most noticeable. if your head is full of noise, if you're having a bad day, dealing with a lot, or are some way feeling negative, your aura will become thin and it will also become dim. i've noticed that when someone is feeling low, their aura becomes some kind of shade of grey. souls are the core energy found in a living being, and it holds information based on all of the individuals different lives, including this one. a soul cannot be broken because it is energy, it's not tangible. it simply exists because you are alive, and you will continue to have the same soul. your soul cannot die even when your physical body has. it's simply passed on to the next life. that is more for the afterlife page, but i thought it was worth mentioning here as well.

i want to learn how to feel the energy around me, where do i start?

my ability to sense and receive information about energy around me was something i was born with, but i didn't notice it until i got older and started diving deeper into spirituality. i didn't intend for it to happen, it just happened. i've only begun to see auras very recently as of writing this, so i cannot give advice on that quite yet. however, some energy sensing activities that i would suggest are: become one with nature. seriously, go outside. go somewhere peaceful and quiet and where you wont be disturbed. take in everything about the current moment and dont worry about anything else. make sure you're in a good state of mind, otherwise you wont have a good focus. if you struggle with focusing in general, something that i do is i will count to 100 at a medium to slow pace in my head. inhale 1, exhale 2, inhale 3, etc etc. i will also usually focus on the color white in my head, or focus on the black void when i close my eyes. everyone is different and this may not work for you, so find what does. it will come to you with time. once you can focus, relax. you can keep your eyes open or closed depending on what you like, but i usually prefer to have my eyes closed or i can let my mind wander off and not really think about anything specifically. sometimes energy can be felt, sometimes it can't be. it all depends on where you are and if you are open to the energies coming to you. if you don't want to go outside or can't for whatever reason, you can try this: still try to have some kind of state of focus because this will help you tune out other distractions and tune into your practice. once you're set with that, get a physical object that has a lot of memories and or meaning attached to it. it can be anything you want it to be as long as it has a strong importance to you and your life. sit with it. look at the object, all of its imperfections and small details. think about those memories and feelings in depth. it's important that you think hard and long about how it makes you feel. think about the person, people, or events that lead up to this moment of you having your object. think about each person and how they make you feel. again, this is only my advice, and if you don't find it helpful or if you want more, feel free to do your own research and practice in your own time. im not a teacher, im only here to organize my thoughts.