astral projection journal


for the first time in a long time, i tried to astral project last night. im not sure if i completely entered the vibrational phase, but i did start to feel like i was vibrating and i was slowly feeling a little bit more disconnected from my body. it was pretty early on i think, so i was a bit surprised to already be feeling this. my main method i will be trying out for astral projection is just a modified method i use for meditation. I imagined up and down arrows as i inhaled and exhaled floating closely over my body. i then said some affirmations here and there, stuff like "astral projection comes easily to me", "i am not scared of astral projection", "i am not my body", "i am pure consciousness", stuff like that. i got too scared to continue unfortunately and i opened my eyes shortly after i started to feel slightly disconnected.


I tried the same thing I did last night from the previous entry, or at least followed a similar method. I may have made a mistake when interpreting the vibrations I felt in my last entry, as I think I was just feeling the usual tingling sensations I feel during meditation. last night however I did feel something that could be described as vibrations along the edges of my body. they weren't intense, but I thought I should mention it and take note of it.


unfortunately nothing interesting happened last night, im just making sure i log the fact that i had an attempt at astral projection. too many distractions and i was too tired. hopefully i can give updates on something more interesting soon.

I made a second attempt earlier this evening. nothing super interesting to note, but at one point as I was visualizing my astral body coming out from my physical one and grabbing a hold of a rope floating near my torso, i suddenly opened my eyes and i needed to catch my breath. it got a little intense there emotionally for some reason.


nothing interesting to note, except i did have an incredible dream which i will post to my dream journal shortly. unfortunately still no success with astral projection.


just noting that i had an astral projection attempt last night but i had no success.