what is the afterlife?

last updated 7/23/23

the afterlife is many different things to people. it depends on who you ask. some people say that this is the only life we get, some people believe in heaven or hell, or maybe they believe in something completely different. for me, the afterlife is kind of a broad topic. it holds thousands of different stories and meanings, as well as possibilities. you don't really know what happens until you get there. however, i will try to do my best to explain it. the afterlife is a place where you go when your physical body dies. now, depending on who you were in this life, you may have a different experience. i don't exactly strictly believe in a heaven or hell, but i do believe in a similar system. if you spent your life being good (not perfect, because we are never perfect), you get to choose what happens. you can reincarnate again to live another life, or you can just chill out in the astral realm with the other spirits and explore the different places your soul can go. i have yet to astral project, but it's cool knowing we can be the living visitors that enter the astral realm before we pass away physically. anyways, if you spent your life mostly not being the greatest person in your heart and towards other people/the world, you don't get to decide. you go straight to being reincarnated to be taught something. though, i think that all of us being reincarnated into our current lives has some kind of message or lesson for us to learn regardless of who we are now or who we were in a past life. i do think that all different variations of the afterlife exist, no matter if it's religious or spiritual in nature, but it depends on what you believe in. if you're religious, i feel like you're bound to have a very typical religious afterlife experience, because that's what you believe in. im not really sure for the atheists out there, sorry guys. you're in luck if you don't believe in the afterlife and want to keep it that way!