⸸ - about me! - ⸸

⸸ "emptygod" definition: a god with powers that equal to nothing or equal to the void. this type of god is the most powerful, and yet has no power at all. I am cursed with this status.. ⸸

⸸ you can call me egod ⸸

⸸ aspiring poet, author, artist and witch ⸸

⸸ he/they (or motherfucker) ⸸

⸸ anarcho-pacifist, anti-natalist, misanthrope, misogamist ⸸

⸸ this place is for people who have been looked down upon for being themselves. be kind and open minded in this space. ⸸

⸸ keep in mind that there is no room for fascism or hatred towards anyone of any kind here! ⸸

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